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How the North lost the Civil War

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Reverse Lightning

America has broken up into 13 squabbling nations. Here’s a look at one of them. (The links below will download free PDF version from this site. Yes, you CAN read PDFs on your Kindle!)

Shipwreck Bay

The mysteries of a resort town: A serial killer, a sex slave and a missing surfer.

The novel is free to read and contains no advertising and no web gimmickry. Because of its many illustrations, it’s been broken into three sections. You may download the PDF files below.

Peck’s Salute

Jay Peckfogle’s not crazy about the Vietnam War. He figures a disrespectful tattoo will be his ticket home. Nope.

Year of the Rooster

Two Jersey boys pull a fast one in Honolulu

When the Estonophie brothers boarded the plane in Newark, they pretended they didn’t know one another. Terry, the bruiser, flew first class. Larry, the pipsqueak, sat in coach, near the restrooms. You could take a magnifying glass to the flight manifest, but you’d find no one named Estonophie listed.

Ah-Ston-Ah-Fee. It was pronounced like astonishing, but with a fee at the end. They’d often had to instruct nuns, police officers and probation agents in the proper pronunciation of their name. They’d pestered Mom: All our friends are Irish, Polish, or Italian, so what are we?

You’re Proud Americans, Mom replied.

Big brother Terry is annoyed when his little brother falls in love with a troubled island woman named Pua.

If the Dead Could Speak

In 1931, two women burned to death in a gangster’s car. The nation’s most corrupt police department figures Mick Powers is a suspect. Based on an actual case from 1931,

Dead a Long Time

There’s a new gang in town — Alvin Karpis and the Barker Boys. They take down a bank, and Janie, an ambitious young reporter, is on their tail. Story is based on a the Barker Gang’s first murderous bank robbery.

Dead Like Lazarus

Janie goes deep, too deep into the Barker Gang’s first snatch job. Based on the 1933 kidnapping of brewer William Hamm.

Dead Messenger

As the FBI zeroes in, the Barker-Karpis gang uses Mick Powers as a sucker. Based on the 1934 kidnapping of brewer/banker Edward Bremer.

The Resurrection
of John Dillinger

Johnny meets up with old friends for Chinese takeout on Good Friday. Based on Dillinger’s prison escape and its aftermath.

Jack’s Boy

Jack Ruby hires a nosy kid in the weeks before JFK’s due in town.

We’re Not Here

Sgt. Bill Lemmen, US Army, is desperate to bring his lover home as South Vietnam teeters at the edge of collapse.

Hollaran’s World War

Private First Class Hollaran comes home from Vietnam to find the war’s just begun.


Secret Partners

This documented history exposes the role of a police chief in the most notorious bank robberies and kidnappings of the Gangster Era.

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