The world’s only pop star

In “Reverse Lightning” I imagine a new world order, led by Mexico, with the US broken up into 13 squabbling mini-nations.

Kissy Jag, above, is the great-granddaughter of Mick Jagger. She’s also the world’s only official pop star. Her songs are directly commercial, for example: “If You Love Me, Chew Hunger Ease Gum.” They’re also guaranteed to sell a billion downloads.

In the illustration, Kissy overlooks, with skepticism, a proposed concert venue.

Mexico has risen in wealth and power because of its invention of Reverse Lightning, a method of generating non-polluting energy. The nation has been transformed by its embrace of science and technology. But its mania for efficiency has led it to endorse monopolies, going so far as to designate, among other things, an official religion, and an official pop star.

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