How to write lousy

“I’m a HUGE fan of the ________.” Fill in the blank with Metropolitan Opera, Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Dodgers or similar. The problems are: (A) You’re probably much closer to average than you realize. (B) It reads like it’s been written by an obnoxious, boasting child. (C) Your enthusiasm aside, it contains little information. HereContinue reading “How to write lousy”

They care for each other!

In “Reverse Lightning” the destitute character Piano washes up on Mexican shores. He is surprised to find himself recovering in a hospital. On the streets of his hometown, he’d have been left for dead. When he recovers and goes back to Jeffersonia, he has a startling message, delivered to his fellow down-and-outers. It is possible,Continue reading “They care for each other!”

The angry, crazy rich man

In “Reverse Lightning,” one state in a fractured America is ruled by Permanent President Mal Malenkovich. He is a mad billionaire with dictatorial impulses. I drafted this novel in 2010, when Trump was just a TV host — an American asterisk. So Malenkovich is in no way modeled on that unworthy politician. In a way,Continue reading “The angry, crazy rich man”

The world’s only pop star

In “Reverse Lightning” I imagine a new world order, led by Mexico, with the US broken up into 13 squabbling mini-nations. Kissy Jag, above, is the great-granddaughter of Mick Jagger. She’s also the world’s only official pop star. Her songs are directly commercial, for example: “If You Love Me, Chew Hunger Ease Gum.” They’re alsoContinue reading “The world’s only pop star”